Duck Team Mallorca

Hola! We are a Dutch couple. Mallorca is our love.

I (Karin) lived on Mallorca during my childhood, and ever since I’ve kept that longing feeling to return to this beautiful island. Therefore I enjoy the possibility to share my enthusiasm with others now!!

Peter has (alongside me) yet another passion: “Pleasant cars“. He started with the DS Pallas. At Mallorca he encountered another challenge: a DS Break and with Ducks United we now also have a Burton, three Beetle convertible and six Ducks (2CV’s)!! All of them pleasantly enjoying the sunny weather.

From our own experience we know that these beautiful classic cars, all in their own peculiar way, contribute to a joyful discovery of this island.

Sunshine on your arms, wind in your hair, listening music through their stereo: our cars you can’t compare.

Our Résidence is located in one of the most beautiful villages of Mallorca. In our discoveries of Mallorca and looking for the realization of our dream to be hosting guests we found her; the ultimate home! With bathrooms en-suite, a lemon tree, lots of privacy and an incredible atmosphere and originality to match our vintage cars it looks like it was built for our purpose.

We welcome everyone to share with us our impression, and are ready to give you a great “live like a local” experience.

Why Mallorca

Mallorca offers something for everyone.

That’s what you expect from an island: small sandy beaches with azure sea, wineries, thousands of olive and almond trees. Traditional villages where time seems to have stood still for centuries. But also Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca’s capital full of historic buildings and wonderful shops. The city and harbor bustling with life, and the busy bars and restaurants stay open till late night! The port is, next to the Riviera and Florida, one of the three hotspots for luxerious yachts. And then, mountains up to 1500 meters and a beautiful hilly landscape.

And where each one goes left, the Ducks go right…

On the paths where modern car should never go, we discover the real beauty of Mallorca. Away from the crowd in search of the undiscovered spots where you find rest in the islands style.

And do you need a vibrant nightlife? That also is sufficiently available.

Adults and children find driving our cars itself to the beach and sea with open top already exciting. But Mallorca also has great water parks, caves, a beautiful sea aquarium and nature parks. And for the sporty holidaymaker Mallorca offers: diving – snorkeling, biking, golf, horseback riding, surfing, fishing, hiking and sailing and ballooning.

That’s the fun of Mallorca: it’s wide variety the island has to offer, and we Ducks United Mallorca can show you the way.