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We are a cool vintage open car rental company on Mallorca, ready to provide you with one of our iconic 2CV’s, cool Burton two-seaters, classic Beetle convertible or vintage Citroën DS to complete your holiday stay.

Our motto: make your rental car to something special and you’ll have a special holiday!

They are the perfect vehicles to explore the beautiful Mallorca. Be out there in contact with nature. Feel the wind, get the sun, smell the air and be free. Our rental cars drive almost any road comfortably and as they are not too wide will carry you almost anywhere.

The Mallorquin public react very friendly and with admiration to our rental cars and make you feel very welcome. Get the hang of being admired and start driving one of our holiday classic cars.

Along with the car rental we offer to book our exceptional stylish vintage apartment in our Mallorquin Résidence in Valldemossa; one of the most beautiful villages of the island.

Activities and car tours for special occasions

Rent a holiday classic and you can always count on a smile!

But not only just holiday rental!

Tours: We offer 3 day Duck-tours, driving in our cars roof open. For groups of minimum 6 persons in combination with a minimum 5 day stay in our exceptional stylish Résidence. Ideal for families, friends, colleagues together and special occasions. Very relaxed, no tight schedule, leisure days. Focused on pleasant and remarkable experiencing of activities and sites at Mallorca. We tour half day, after having breakfast.

We will show you what should not be missed but not easily can be found. Ask for dates and prices. Special week offer!

Weddings: This special day in your life you may drive in one of our romantic wedding cars. “Bon chance” that the tour to the church is already a moment to think of with pleasure. The classic Citroëns provide an atmosphere of nostalgia when cruising on the sunny island. So take care that he won’t already kiss you before leaving the car…while that’s the risk you take when you show up in our iconic Citroen 2CV, Beetle convertible, cool Burton or classic DS.
In our vintage cars you will feel special in a very romantic seventies way of life. White, red, blue, golden, brown, beige, yellow or pink; just tell us your state of mind for this very unique day.

Your brand new husband may carry you over the treshhold!

Cars & Rental rates